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A Snowy Spring in Santa Fe

A March 2005 trip to Santa Fe by Nombiri

Quote: Living in Boulder, CO, this was my second trip to New Mexico and my first to Santa Fe. Having heard rave reviews from many people, I decided I needed to check it out.

A Snowy Spring in Santa Fe


Bandalier National Monument, Maria's New Mexican Kitchen

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During the summer, Santa Fe is notorious for very pricey hotel accommodations. During the winter/spring these prices drop, and it is possible to find budget hotel accommodations for about $50 a night. However, being a hostel enthusiast on a tight budget, I decided to check out what Santa Fe's hostel scene had to offer. To date, Santa Fe houses only one hostel. It is, however, equipped for all sorts of people and has dorms, double rooms with shared bathrooms, and rooms with private bathrooms. As I was travelling with my sister, we opted for a double with a shared bathroom, coming out to about $35 a night. Not bad at all, considering that the hostel is located a few miles from downtown and right o...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on April 11, 2005

Santa Fe International Hostel
1416 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
(505) 988-1153

Maria's New Mexican Kitchen

Best Of IgoUgo


The best time I had in Santa Fe was probably at this restaurant. We were coming back from Bandalier in the midst of a heavy snowstorm, starving after a long day of hiking. The snow had hit suddenly and blanketed everything except for ten feet in front of us in white. Our original plan had been to eat before we got back into town, but the weather made that impossible. Being in Santa Fe, we were hungering for some Mexican food but weren't sure how to find our way to a more than memorable restraunt, and we were also a bit confused on the 'Mexican' versus 'New Mexican' cuisine distinction. Maria's New Mexican Kitchen appeared almost out of nowhere, and we managed to slide our way into the park...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on April 12, 2005

Maria's New Mexican Kitchen
555 West Cordova Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
+1 505 983 7929

Bandelier National Monument

Attraction | "Bandalier National Monument"

Bandalier National Monument is about a 40-minute drive outside of Santa Fe. There are two ways to get there. The simplest route is to take St Francis/84/285 south out of Santa Fe and then follow signs to Bandelier. The alternate route, which we took, its more scenic and the roads virtually empty(at least in the springtime). What you do is take I-25, and once you're at Bernalillo, take the exit for 550. Look for San Ysidro and take the exit to NM 4. You'll be going through the mountains and will eventually hit the park entrance. The view on the drive is spectacular. Once you arrive, entrace fees are $5 a person or $10 a car. The first thing you should do is head to the visitors center and pic...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 12, 2005

Bandelier National Monument
15 Entrance Rd.
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 672-3861