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Locally-Owned Bookstore

An April 2005 trip to Winnipeg by wanderlust2005

Quote: This is a locally-owned bookstore.

Locally-Owned Bookstore


McNally Robinson Booksellers has two locations in Winnipeg, one at Grant Park Shopping Centre (204/475-0483) and the other at Portage Place (204/475-0483). Both locations serve up good coffee, delicious sandwiches and pastas, and boast a fresh juice bar. The book selection is good, and both restaurants are comfortable. The Portage Place location is smaller, but has a it has a fireplace and comfy chairs placed in front of it. The Grant Park location is larger and regularly hosts readings and live music.Quick Tips: If you come to Winnipeg during the winter, this is a nice warm place to spend a few hours one afternoon. Ordering a fresh juice isn't a bad idea either, especially...Read More