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A Food Trip to Ancient Antioch

A December 2004 trip to Antakya by Faruk

Quote: I took a short trip to Antakya, in ancient Antioch, where I went searching for interesting culinary treasures.



A Food Trip to Antakya Early this year, I decided to spend some frequent-flyer miles and arranged a free ticket to Adana. Here, I rented a car and drove the 2 hours to Antakya. I have been to many of the Turkish provinces over the years, but not Hatay, and I was looking forward to the experience. I had heard about a new hotel that was recently converted from an old Ottoman period soap factory to a boutique hotel. I found the Savon Hotel (03262146355) and was delighted. Truly an oasis in Antakya, not for everyone ($$$), but the comfort and professionalism of the hotel was exceptional. I parked my car and hardly took it out for the next three days, as Antakya is a walking city,...Read More

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