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Trinidad's Caroni Bird Sanctuary

An October 2004 trip to Trinidad and Tobago by Jalpari

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Quote: My one-day escape trip from busy Port-of-Spain into one of Trinidad's most prized ecological bird-watching destinations, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary.

Trinidad's Caroni Bird Sanctuary


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The best thing to do at Caroni is open your eyes, relax, and cruise down the swamp. Look for interesting animals and perhaps the ones you've seen before. When you reach the roosting site, take a moment to inhale and absorb the beauty of Trinidad's national bird, the Scarlet Ibis.Quick Tips: Guided tours are about the only way to go rolling down the swamp, and if you plan on visiting Trinidad, I suggest Nanan's (cost TT). His information is as follows: Nanan's Bird Sanctuary Tours #38 Bamboo Grove Settlement No. 1 Uriah Butler Highway, Valsayn P.O., Trinidad, W.I. Phone: (868)645-1305 Email: Way To Get Around: An easy way...Read More

A Day With the National Bird

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Mangroves Photo, Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean
"For a woman, you sure act very manly," Dotun laughed and whispered in my ear. I slapped him on his arm again and shushed him for the umpteenth time in the taxi on our way to see the birds. I was making him go to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary with me for a couple good reasons other than my wanting to go. For one, he had never gone bird-watching in Trinidad the entire time he's lived there, and second, Caroni is the roosting site for thousands of scarlet ibis. The scarlet ibis is the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago, and the sanctuary a perfect place for gawking at them. It's a nature and wildlife lover's peaceful refuge away from the gritty, yet lively, streets of the capital. Afte...Read More

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