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Manila--Noisy and dirty and loving it!

A June 2005 trip to Manila by montalut

Quote: There is always more to gain from being in the dark, when one is forced to learn based on intuition and instinct, and Manila gives you that--a do-it-yourself city where you should expect to get lost, shoved, and pushed around, only to love it in the end.

Manila--Noisy and dirty and loving it!

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That sweet, heavy smell of wet streets and carbon monoxide in the air, that’s the welcome that brings me home every time I step out of the airport in Manila. There’s also the trusty traffic circus—the flash of yellow lights and blow of horns as the audience heats up to cue in the alpha male, Mr. MMDA, who just waves his hand again and again and again. Five minutes (or not even) into the city and I’m suddenly nostalgic about any other place I’ve been to, but no hurrah, I’m stuck—in traffic. For some reason, though, there comes that pull, that sneaky charm that makes me forget the traffic in five minutes, or maybe thirty, and sets me right—I am home, I am home. I click my heels, and start my chant....Read More

Intramuros-The Walled City

Attraction | "Carlos Celdran Walking Tours"

Carlos Celdran, a fan of history and of the city we love to hate, started doing these tours four years ago. He says, "I can't change how Manila looks, but I can change how you look at Manila."

Carlos is an artist through and through, and he takes his captive audience on a whirlwind walking adventure, complete with personal visual treats (he dresses in Barong Tagalog, the traditional formal wear for men, and a salakot, or farmer's hat) and call-to-arms live music from his teeny weeny boom box.

Highly recommended, even for Manileños who've lived here all our lives.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on June 20, 2005

Intramuros-The Walled City
Bonifacio Drive And Padre Burgos Street
Manila, Philippines 1002
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