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Wan-Chuen Taoism Temple

An April 2005 trip to Hong Kong by ariesgirl

Wan Chuen SeenGoon 1 Photo, Hong Kong, China More Photos
Quote: This is one of the three famous Taoist temples with a garden in Fanling area. Great when the lotus pond in full bloom in Summer. Vegetarian canteen.

Wan-Chuen Taoism Temple


Wan Chuen SeenGoon 1 Photo, Hong Kong, China
There are nice temple buildings, plants, sculptures, bonsai plants, and ponds. It was a nice countryside outing. Vegetarian meals are available. Prices depend on the days, and dishes are between HK and HK. There is free rice/congee/tea. There are discounts certain days or larger group. It is best to visit one more of the three temples in Fanling. (One is opposite the station and called Fung-Ying SeenGoon. The other one is Long-Shan-Ji.)Quick Tips: The best time to go is during the summer, when the water lily and lotus plants are in blossom. There are large lotus and water lily ponds, plant sculptures, and bonsai plants.Best Way To Get Around: From the East Rail(KCR), get off at FanLi...Read More