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Rainbows and Golf in Scotland

An October 2004 trip to Aviemore by brmcga

Scottish Sky Photo, Aviemore, Scotland More Photos
Quote: Scotland is fast becoming one of our favourite places to visit. The first weeks of our trip were spent at the Scandanavian Village in Aviemore, golfing, touring castles and distilleries, and generally just travelling the byways.

Rainbows and Golf in Scotland


Scottish Sky Photo, Aviemore, Scotland
Of our week in the Aviemore area, I found driving the countryside the most fun. I got the golf in that I wanted, but exploring the single-track roads through the mountains, around the Lochs, and across the countryside were the most rewarding driving experiences I have ever had! Plan a distillery tour, and tour some castles and Neolithic sites. There is so much to do, you will have so little time. Quick Tips: There is a tourist information centre at the entrance to the Village. It's a must-stop to get flyers on events and area attractions. This is a small village with only one grocery store, so do your shopping early (they close before the times on the door sometimes).Best Way To...Read More
Scandinavian Village Photo, Inverness-Shire, Scotland
The resort was small, with few amenities. It was a bit tired and could have done with some redecorating. I didn't find the staff very helpful, and I wouldn't recommend emailing them. I tried to contact them three times via email, with no reply.

The unit was small compared to North American standards, but most of Europe is that way. The resort did serve its purpose of being our touring base, and it was located within reasonable distance to the highlands, Loch Ness, and distillery country.

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Scandinavian Village
Inverness-shire, Sotland

Golfing in the Aviemore area Photo, Aviemore, Scotland
The pictures tell the story: undulating fairways, elevation changes, and lots of heather. What you can't see is how fast the greens were!

Beware of the shorter flagsticks, which are good for the wind, but they give the optics of the holes being longer to us North American golfers.

We didn't score well (I shot 103), but that was a factor of the long day of travel the day before (up 36 hours).

There were also some excellent views of the surrounding countryside if you took the time to look.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on April 1, 2005

Golfing in the Aviemore area
Boat of Garten Golf & Country
Aviemore, Scotland

Royal Dornoch Golf Club

Attraction | "The Royal Dornoch Golf and Country Club"

Royal Dornoch Golf Club Photo, Dornoch, Scotland
This was THE course I wanted play on this trip. It was ranked in the top 20 for all links-style courses in the world, and it didn't disappoint.

The fescue and the bramble were thick. There were lots of elevation changes, too, and the fairways and greens were quick. Oh yeah, the bunkers were real nasty in spots in true Scottish-links fashion.

The course is seaside. The weather is foul. The score was ridiculous (117, and my handicap is 19). We experiences rain, sun, calm breezes, and wind, just about everything the course could throw at us. It did defeat us, but it will always be a memory.

Go ahead and play it. I enjoyed it more than St. Andrews (the Eden course).

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Royal Dornoch Golf Club
Golf Road
Dornoch, Scotland
01862 810 219

GlenFiddich Distillery

Attraction | "Glen Fiddich's Distillery"

GlenFiddich Distillery Photo, Aviemore, Scotland
Well, when in Scotland, at least one distillery tour is a must. So why not take the best! We took the connoisseur's tour. Sure, it cost 12 pounds, but it was well worth it, especially in the off-season, since we were the only ones on the tour. Go into the bowels of the distillery, follow the process through bottling, but the best is last... a tasting!

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GlenFiddich Distillery
Aviemore, Scotland

Takeoff Photo, Aviemore, Scotland
What a trip. We started our day as normal at 7am, into to the office for a while, then a 3-hour drive to Toronto Pearson Airport for a 7pm flight. Seven hours later, we landed in Glasgow, and it was 6am over there. We got the rental car and accidentally found our way out of the airport and onto the M heading north. Well, the M turned into an A quickly enough, heading through the Trossachs on the narrowest, windiest road I've ever driven on, with no sleep for some 20 hours. Oh, did I mention I was on the wrong side of the road too? The stops started coming quicker and quicker, to get a breath of fresh air and wake up. Lots to look at anyway, including lots of rainbows. ...Read More