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Visiting Helsinki

A September 2004 trip to Helsinki by pruthfield

Visiting the Sibelius Sculpture Photo, Helsinki, Finland More Photos
Quote: A visit to Helsinki offers a diverse city with some very interesting highlights.

Visiting Helsinki


When visiting Helsinki you will enjoy both a modern and older city, one that on the surface doesn't show vibrancy or exoticness, but one that has some beautiful things to see.

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I would strongly recommend either a guide or an organized tour unless you can speak Finnish. It can be a confusing place to get around.
Visiting the Sibelius Sculpture Photo, Helsinki, Finland
In a beatiful park, in a serene setting, Finland has erected a beautiful statue in the shape of organ pipes to celebrate the greatness of this composer. It is a wonderful place to reflect on the beauty of his music and the place that the statue has been erected.

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Visiting the Sibelius Sculpture
Helsinki, Finland

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