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A March 2005 trip to Grand Canyon by TrVL4LiFe

Quote: This was our third trip to awesome Vegas, and we finally took one day out of our week-long stay to visit one of the natural wonders of the world.

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We got there at 4 in the afternoon, so we only had 2 hours to view and hang out at the park. We were there just to see it, take pictures, and head back to Las Vegas. Once you enter the park, the first viewpoint is the Desert View. It had a very nice view with a lookout tower. Don't spend too much time there because there are more awesome views to see. We then headed to the furthest point we could drive to before sunset, and it was a lookout past Yavapai Point, where the lodges and a restaurant were located. At this lookout, there were no railings, so be careful. We then headed back and found Mather Point, our final lookout point at sunset. We got there just in time for sunset, so it was the mos...Read More

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Grand Canyon Guide
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Here we are headed to visit one of the natural wonders of the world in early March, and little did we know that snow would stop us from seeing the North Rim. We should have done more research, but we were excited to take a day from our Vegas vacation and head to the GRAND CANYON. What a disappointment to finally reach the entry point of the North Rim to see "ROAD CLOSED". At that point, we were about 50 miles from it. It was already a 4-hour drive from Las Vegas to this point. We laughed and recalled the infamous phrase from the Wally World vacation movie, "SORRY FOLKS, PARK'S CLOSED!" But there was no time to waste, as it was only noon, and we were determined to make it the South Rim before sunse...Read More

Marble Canyon


On our drive to the North Rim, we had encountered Marble Canyon. Take a quick stop and enjoy the views. There's a small parking lot near the Navajo Bridge. From the Navajo Bridge, you can take some scenic pictures of the canyon and get a closer look at the Colorado River. This is a nice little stop to take in the views and stretch a little.