Oregon Coast Journals

on & off the Lewis & Clark Trail

An August 2002 trip to Oregon Coast by Roaring Snake

Camp Dubois Photo, Oregon Coast, Oregon More Photos
Quote: For two and a half months I have traveled along the Lewis & Clark Trail doing interviews with scholars and other people along that route. I also had most of them read excerpts from the famous "Journals of Lewis & Clark". Discover history and stories told by locals on & off the Lewis & Clark Trail in the audio - documentary "Boundless Frontiers" www.radioenconstruction.com/silotheque/oratoraum/boundless_frontiers

on & off the Lewis & Clark Trail


Camp Dubois Photo, Oregon Coast, Oregon
In 1803 the President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, asked his private secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to explore a territory unknown to most Euro - Americans. Together with his friend, William Clark, and a group of more than 30 people, Captain Lewis set out from the mouth of the Missouri river, north of Saint Louis, on May 14, 1804, to explore that territory then known as Louisiana. The United States had just purchased this huge tract of land from France. Virtually it extended from west of the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains. Lewis and Clark and their team of explorers went on to try to find the famous 'Northwest Passage', the legendary communication route between the headwaters o...Read More