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Dining at Sanborns

A November 2003 trip to Mexico City by RailSurfer

Quote: Sanborns is seldom spectacular for its food, but it is a reliable spot for some relief from the hustle and bustle. More often than not, I have used Sanborns as a place to pick up the latest maps or guidebooks.


Restaurant | "Sanborns - La Casa de los Azulejos"

Seldom are my meals at a Sanborns particularly memorable, but they've always been reliable. Depending on their location, they serve as a place to have a quiet and comfy seat (in a mall, for example), find relief from the heat, and/or to pick up books, magazines, maps, postcards, etc. In some locations the ambience is a combination of the atmosphere at Denny's, Sears, and Starbucks. I did have an interesting Thanksgiving turkey dinner at the Sanborns in Col. Lindavista (northern part of el D.F.) on year at my local niece's instigation. All I could think of was that turkey would be better served (on either side of the border) in a classic mole sauce. La Casa de los Azulejos has the oldes...Read More

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