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The Galapagos Islands

A February 2005 trip to Galapagos Islands by diverk

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Quote: Clean air, crisp water, and the friendly, lazy animals above and in the ocean made this journey to the Galapagos Islands an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Then we were off to a jungle lodge in the Oriente, where smells, sounds, and the fresh, humid air calmed and excited us.

Napo Wildlife Center

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Napo Wildlife Center Photo, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador
The Napo Wildlife Center is a high-end jungle lodge (high-end means less mosquitoes and clean sheets) found in the Napo River Valley. In order to get there, you need to fly to Coca City, take a motorized canoe for several hours down the Napo River, transfer to a dugout canoe (when the tribe sees an appropriate tree, a group of families cut down the tree together and build several canoes at one time directly in the jungle), and paddle for several hours down another side river. Our lodge is on the Anagucocha Lake, which is a large lake filled with caimans (we went on a nighttime caiman watch one night) and a family of giant 8-foot otters. In order to get to any of the trails, we had to take the dugou...Read More

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Napo Wildlife Center

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

sea horse Photo, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
We took a scuba diving trip aboard The Aggressor I to the Galapagos Islands. See The Galapagos Islands is the most beautiful place above and below the water that I have ever been to. The 10 other people on our trip and the nine-person crew were amazing, notwithstanding that I was the only Democrat. From Quayaquil, Ecuador, we flew on a very comfortable, safe jet (not even I was scared) into the very chill San Cristobal Island to be greeted by our fancy live-aboard boat and hundreds of sea lions on the rocks, in the water, and on other people's boats. The sea lions were so nonchalant, they couldn't care less whether we got within a foot of them - all they cared about was chilling in...Read More