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Get Down and Dirty in Cozumel

A January 2005 trip to Cozumel by Suzanne715

ATV Riding Photo, Cozumel, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Grab your helmet and glasses. Fire-up the ATV. We’re four-wheeling through the jungle and along deserted, white-powder beaches on the island of Cozumel.

ATV Riding

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ATV Riding Photo, Cozumel, Mexico
The train of 20 all-terrain-vehicles cruises down a 16-mile sandy trail that weaves beside the shoreline and through dense vegetation. The road challenges drivers with large rocks, deep ruts, mud puddles, and lots of curves. Coconut palms, vines, and branches create a continuous tunnel of green. Orange, purple, and white blossoms add splashes of color to the thick canopy of leaves. We pass grass huts, military personnel, dune buggies, and jeeps on our way to the beach. Deserted Hanan Beach is the perfect place to stroll the water’s edge, search for colorful shells, or play football with a coconut. The turquoise ocean gleams beneath the sun’s rays. Waves crash upon the rocky shoreline. Ham and...Read More

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ATV Riding
Along the shoreline
Cozumel, Mexico