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A November 2004 trip to Ghent by bunny_teddy

Quote: Last year, I spent 10 days in Belgium. My best friend and I hung around the country. e went to Brugge, Antwerp, Liege, Brussels, and Ghent. Everywhere seems charming, romantic, nice, friendly, and so lovely. Travel around this country on this trip was unforgettable to me. I love this country, and I'll be there again.

Flanders City Tour

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If you want to spend time in the heart of Europe, don't miss this! I spent 10 days in Belgium in wintertime... it was so cold and quiet (compared to my city, Bangkok), but it was also charming, romantic, and friendly. This is such a small country that you can even travel around it in just one day. If you're looking for quiet and beautiful architecture, you'll love it...

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Flanders City Tour
Ghent, Belgium