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A night in at Ohare Airport

A February 2005 trip to Chicago by drkayes

Quote: Alex and I arrived at the airport. We stayed at an Amerisuites. We could not believe that they had a special room for the handicapped: a full refrigerator, a microwave, sink, and the bathroom was made for a wheelchair to go into the shower.



I could not believe it! I am handicapped and in a scooter, and they have a handicapped ROOM! In the room there is a full refrigerator, a full kitchen sink, a microwave, a dining room table and chairs, a king-size bed, and a bathroom set up for handicapped people. The bathroom is plenty large enough to get in and out with the wheelchair, and the shower is a walk-in or roll-in shower. There is also a seat to sit on if you don't want to shower in your chair. I was so happy with the accommodations that we swore we would always use Amerisuites!

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