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Monday March 7th at Mt. Baldy

A March 2005 trip to Mount Baldy by Sarart

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Quote: I went with my girlfriend to Baldy today. She's a low- to intermediate-skier, and she had a blast. All runs are open, though the base of the parking lot snow seems to be getting thin. Getting warm too!!!!

Mt. Baldy


Mt. Baldy Photo, Mount Baldy, California
It was getting warm, with the temperature hovering around 40 degrees all day with abundant sunshine. If you are going up anytime this week, all you will need is a light jacket and undershirt. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and water. Also, if you can, take chapstick--I can't stress it enough--chapstick! Snow is good in the morning and really softens up around 11am. The best skiing is around 10am to 2pm. Expect spring conditions after 12pm, with the snow becoming really, really soft, allowing you to make deep cuts, and falling is very fun around this time. If you can ride chair 4 until 12 or 12:30, allowing chair 3 to really soften up, and save the parking lot for last, the sun will have to...Read More

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Mt. Baldy
Mount Baldy, S. California
Mount Baldy, California

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