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Pipe Springs National Monument

A February 2005 trip to Hurricane by Linda Hoernke

Windsor Castle Photo, Hurricane, Utah More Photos
Quote: Pipe Springs National Monument was established in 1923 by Calvin Coolidge to preserve a bit of history of the American Southwest. It is located in the Great Basin Desert of the Colorado Plateau on Highway 389 halfway between Hurricane, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona.

Pipe Springs National Monument


Paiute pow Wow Photo, Hurricane, Utah
Every September, the Paiute Reservation celebrates the Annual Kaibab Paiute Tribal Heritage Celebration-Sounds of Thunder Mountain Contest Pow Wow. The event includes a children's fishing derby, fun run/walk, contest powwow, Southern Paiute Juried Art Show, and Circle Dance Singing Contest. All you need to bring is a lawn chair to watch the colorful dancers and hear their Native American music. And don't forget to try the Indian fry bread - a real treat

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The powwow is held in the city of Moccasin, about 1 mile past Pipe Springs.
There are no lodging facilities within the park. This hotel is located in Kanab amid the majestic red cliffs of southern Utah about 7 miles away. There is a nine-hole golf course adjacent to the hotel. It is comfortable and clean, and the staff is friendly.

Kanab is also known as Little Hollywood, and a stroll through the old Western movie sets are a must.

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Holiday Inn Express
815 East Highway 89
Hurricane, Utah 84741
(435) 644-8888

Pipe Springs National Monument

Attraction | "Pipe Springs Trail"

Pipe Springs National Monument Photo, Fredonia, Arizona
Pipe Spring National Monument is an oasis in an arid landscape. The trail exhibits breathtaking panoramas across the Arizona Strip south toward the Grand Canyon.

The path leads through gardens and past areas of crops to the fort, and to several other buildings and exhibits. The trail then climbs through scrub oak and drops back down toward the fort.

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Pipe Springs National Monument
406 North Pipe Spring Road
Fredonia, Arizona 86022
(928) 643-7105

Windsor Castle Photo, Hurricane, Utah
Water from the natural spring let Mormon pioneers, Native Indians, and early explorers to be able to survive in a harsh desert environment. There is evidence that the area around the springs has been inhabited for at least 1,000 years. Mormon pioneers brought cattle to the area in the 1860s, and a fort was built over the main spring. They named the fort Winsor Castle, and a large cattle-ranching operation was established. People traveling across the Arizona Strip would stop for rest and supplies. From 1880 to1890, it served as a refuge for the Mormon polygamists. John Wesley Powell stopped here in his search for the three men that had separated from his expedition. The Paiutes originally in the area w...Read More

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