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Thanksgiving in Rothenburg

A November 2004 trip to Rothenburg by jenjohn

Rothenburg Photo, Rothenburg, Germany More Photos
Quote: My husband and I decided to take a road trip along the Romantische strasse in Southern Germany for Thanksgiving weekend.

Trip to Rothenburg

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Rothenburg Photo, Rothenburg, Germany
"Can you tell me where the Romantische Strasse begins?" I asked a kind storekeeper. Suddenly, three voices were coming at me in English and German. My husband and I had been driving on the Autobahn for almost 2 hours searching for the Romantische Strasse but failed to find the famous road. We had almost given up hope when we finally stopped to ask for directions. As we got back onto the Autobahn, it became apparent that we were just going to have to find it ourselves. "There it is!" I screamed as we came upon a sign for the town of Rothenburg. As we exited the freeway, a small town emerged from behind the tall rain-drenched trees and rolling green hills. Within seconds, the town opened up before us an...Read More

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