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Port Day: Martha's Vineyard

An October 2004 trip to Martha's Vineyard by smmmarti guide

Bouys Photo, Marthas Vineyard, Massachusetts More Photos
Quote: Nearly every American has an image of Martha's Vineyard: windswept, rugged, historical, built by whaling captains and ministers... Today, the island regularly hosts celebrities, politicians, and day-trippers searching for a world away a mere 5 miles from the mainland.

Upright in Martha's Vineyard

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Bouys Photo, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Don’t go to Martha’s Vineyard searching for a Sideways-style wine tasting trip. Four of the island’s six towns are dry (no alcohol is served or sold). Outside of a few errant thickets, grapes were never even grown on this Vineyard. "I hereby claim this island for…" In spite of the dearth of the noble vine, the inappropriate name apparently stuck after Bartholomew Gosnold, an English seafarer, found some wild grapes during his coastal explorations of the area in 1602. By some accounts, the now-famed namesake was his daughter, by others, his mother-in-law. Martha, whoever she may be, became forever associated with an island she never visited and where grapes were never harves...Read More