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Riga, Jewel of the Baltic

An August 1995 trip to Riga by Piscean Amber

Dome Cathedral Photo, Riga, Latvia More Photos
Quote: Riga celebrated its 800th birthday in 2001. It's a fascinating city.

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Dome Cathedral Photo, Riga, Latvia
Remembrances of Latvia – September 1, 1995 Riga is getting ready to celebrate its 800th birthday in 2001. There is scaffolding around the President’s Palace and work seems to be in progress everywhere. I was grumbling about a large crane that was messing up my panoramic photos of Old Riga. Let’s face it, a big crane looks out of place with church spires dating back to the 1200s! When you stand in the middle of the Dome Square, you can see three golden roosters on the spires of St. Peter’s, St. Jacob’s, and the famous Dome Cathedral. The legend tells us that the rooster used to warn the townspeople of approaching enemies. At St. Peter’s church, you must climb to the third floor, and th...Read More