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Week at Sandyport

A February 2005 trip to Nassau by crazymama

Quote: My family and I spent a week at Sandyport Beaches Resort in Nassau. We had a great time.

Week at Sandyport


Sea Island Adventures -- Includes round-trip bus, boat to Rose Island, snorkeling, lunch, beautiful, beautiful! We loved it. If you're single, head over to Senor Frogs -- karaoke, shots, lots of fun. Dolphin Encounters was great too.

Quick Tips:

Tip: Be prepared to bargain, bargain, bargain at the straw market--something we were not too good at--or you will pay top-dollar. If you walk away, they'll usually take what you offer.

Best Way To Get Around:

Jitney (bus) is per person. To get to Atlantis from downtown, you can take a water taxi for per person or make a deal with a taxi; we paid adult and kids and were dropped off at the front door.

Sandyport Beaches Resort

Best Of IgoUgo


Best Things Nearby:Beach, Sea Island Adventures, Tropical Gelato Ice Cream Parlour, Straw Market, Dolphin EncountersBest Things About the Resort:Nice units, quiet, peaceful, and relaxingResort Experience:I was a little apprehensive about this resort from the reviews I had read, and although I do have a few complaints, overall it was beautiful. First, the bad: Check-in took forever, and with hungry kids crying for food, we were not happy. There was only one person behind counter, and they were slow. Finally, we got a key only to find out it was a one-bedroom, not two -- another half-hour of waiting. Showers ran hot/cold, and I got burned a few times. Y...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on February 27, 2005

Sandyport Beaches Resort
West Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas
(800) 468-9101