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A Beautiful French Town!

A June 2004 trip to Vernon by coceng

Vernon Photo, Vernon, France More Photos
Quote: I arrived in Vernon on my way to see Monet's Garden in Giverny. I had ample time to explore Vernon and took some nice photos, as you can see in this journal.

A Beautiful French Town!


Vernon Photo, Vernon, France
Vernon is situated on the bank of River Seine, about 70km from Paris. It has a very good transport system from Paris, with roads and rail coming into Vernon from the France's capital. Most people would reach Vernon because it's the nearest town to Giverny, where you can see Monet's Garden. Vernon itself merits good sights, and my photos will convince you guys (hopefully) to explore the town's easy walking areas before you continue to Giverny or even after coming back from Giverny... Quick Tips: If you are going to Giverny to see Monet's Garden, you will get off in Vernon, so please...Read More

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