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A June 2004 trip to Fort William by Wijnandts

Ben Nevis Photo, Lochaber, Scotland More Photos
Quote: At 1,300m above sea level, Ben Nevis is nothing compared to the high Himalayas or Andes, and not even the Austrian Alps. But very changeable weather makes this mountain a tough climb.

Ben Nevis


Ben Nevis Photo, Lochaber, Scotland
Many tourists come every day to climb up the mountain, and many of them run into difficulties because of underestimating the climate on the top. We (two colleagues and I) did, as well. We never came to the summit. There are several ways to go up, and there is even a running match now and then--the record up and down is 45 minutes or so. Perhaps the most interesting way is via the Carn More Dearg Arete. The famous pub on the foot is always extremely busy, and so are the first metres of the Pony Track uphill. Where others go right, immediately to the top, we went left, rounding Ben Nevis from the north. We descended into a valley, leaving the trail, to the last stop where water could be t...Read More

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Ben Nevis
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Fort William & Lochaber, Scotland

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