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Surviving the Tsunami

A December 2004 trip to Thailand by cheryl morris

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Quote: What really happened in Thailand during the tsunami of '04.

Sri Lanta


Sri Lanta Photo, Thailand, Asia
Best Things Nearby:Tranquil azure waters, lots of restaurants to choose from on the surrounding beach and along the small roadBest Things About the Resort:The beach is secluded and quiet. The staff is incredibly kind and helpful, especially the owner and the receptionist, Queen. Amazing home entertainment room with wide-screen plasma TV and good DVD selectionResort Experience:We stayed in these small bungalows up on a hilltop, with magnificent views of the sea below. They featured fantastic traditional decor. It was a back-to-nature feeling, with air-conditioning but no televisions in the room. VERY romantic! ...Read More

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Sri Lanta

Koh Lanta, Thailand

The Tsunami: What Really Happened

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The morning of 12/26/04 was brilliantly sunny and warm, as each morning had been on our Thai holiday. I thought it would be another day of relaxing fun, but I was very wrong. At around 9:20am, I was in the ocean with some children I had met, washing off the felt-tip tattoos I had given them, when my husband rushed to my side and shouted for me to run, dammit! I was taken aback at his urgency, but did as he told me in stunned silence. He picked up the older child, while I held the younger. I didn't know it then; it seemed like we were a bit crazy to be running from the water, but in fact, we were running for our lives.I am a bad swimmer, and my husband knows it. When he saw the white line of ...Read More