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There is no weird in Las Vegas

An October 2004 trip to Las Vegas by kimbis

Quote: There really ARE things you can do to have a great time in Las Vegas, even if you DON'T gamble.

Star Trek: The Experience

Attraction | "Star Trek Experience"

I was suspicious. I mean, $35! I've watched and enjoyed the show, but I'm not THAT big a fan. Still, I went on the recommendation of a friend who is a Las Vegas local. I tell you, it was the most fun I had the entire weekend I was there that didn't involve alcohol. (I was in town for a Buffett concert, so ...) First, there is a "museum" with several props, etc. from the show. It looks and feels just like any number of REAL museums that I've been in. It sets the mood very well. There are two "rides" available. Your entry will buy you as many rides on both/either one as you’d like. To tell you much would spoil it, but my advice is to do the Borg Encounter first and then...Read More

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Star Trek: The Experience
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