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Day at Taj Mahal

A September 1992 trip to Agra by RSchoettger

Taj Mahal at Sunset Photo, Agra, India More Photos
Quote: Of all of man's endeavors with building an ultimate structure, nothing comes close to the Taj Mahal, a true labor of love. Experiencing a full day at this site casts different shades of light on the Taj as the sun shifts across the sky.

Day at Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal at Sunset Photo, Agra, India
Just a visit to the Taj Mahal is worth every cent, but what makes this site more interesting is to visit the Taj multiple times throughout the day and night, should there be a full moon. Our first opportunity was to wake up prior to sunrise and be at the Taj Mahal as the sun first cast its light. In addition to the rosy soft shade of light, the Taj was completely empty of all normal activity, and we enjoyed the place completely to ourselves. It was also very still at this time, with no wind, which provided for great photo opportunities in the reflective pools. We then returned at the height of the noon day and were totally surprised by the brilliant white of the structure. This was the time w...Read More