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A July 2000 trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park by davilin88

Quote: Okay, I know it's not advisable to go into the back country alone, but sometimes you just have to get away from it ALL, and this 10-mile wilderness loop from Summit Lake in Lassen Volcanic National Park is a perfect weekend trek for solitude.

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Entering Lassen Volcanic National Park from the south, I was greeted by one of the great vistas of all time. From the deck of the Lassen Chalet, just inside the park, the valley spreads off to the distance, dominated by Brokeoff Mountain and Lassen Peak, remnants of an ancient volcano that once towered over this area. Driving into the park, I stopped at the sulphur works, an area of bubbling mud and sulphur pools which was the heart of ancient Mount Tehama. There is a short trail through the area with informative placards along the way. Being pressed for time, I skipped the more famous Bumpass Hell, and drove on through stunning scenery to Summit Lake, 16 miles in from the entrance. There are campgrou...Read More

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