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A Colorful War in Cacaxtla

A March 2004 trip to Tlaxcala by JesusW

Giant roof Photo, Tlaxcala, Mexico More Photos
Quote: If you think of ruins as stones and carved rocks, forget it. Cacaxtla is famous for its bright red/blue murals. Although not in the Mayan area, this city has strong links to the Mayans and also to a powerful neighbour, Teotihuacan.

A Colorful War in Cacaxtla

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Giant roof Photo, Tlaxcala, Mexico
This city was a very prosperous place, mainly because of its location. Remember, location, location, location is the key to a successful place. Cacaxtla is situated very close to Teotihuacan and is in the path to the distant lands of the Mayans. All recent discoveries establish strong cultural, military, architectura,l and especially trading links between the people that ruled Teotihuacan and the far cities of the Yucatan and Peten areas. What makes Cacaxtla so special? The city had a successful stint between the 6th and 10th centuries. After that it was abandoned, but the temples were carefully and delicately buried to preserve its richly decorated walls. The murals you see now have been...Read More
Cacaxtla Site Museum Photo, Tlaxcala, Mexico
This archeological museum is small but very well-stocked; it's a must if you came from so far away, as all the objects have been removed from their original location in the buildings you had already visited. It is a pity that you don’t have the chance to create a mental image of what these pieces looked like in the buildings or what their uses were. Museums should be a little more multidisciplinary. You may miss the museum, as the building it is located in is a small one and can be passed while you’re looking for the restrooms and the little restaurant. But don't make this mistake - on the way back, have a sharp eye for the signs describing the most important things to visit on your way out: B...Read More

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Cacaxtla Site Museum
Cacaxtla archeological site
Tlaxcala, Mexico