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A travel journal to Seal Beach by jessimarie

Quote: This may not be a huge tourist attraction, but it is definitely a great place for a relaxing trip. The area is full of locals, and the beaches are not crowded. It is also very close to many of the things Southern California has to offer.

Seal Beach

Attraction | "Beach Bathing"

This is a beach that not many people other then locals know about. The beach is also one that is not as crowded as many of the popular Southern California Beaches. You can rent boogie boards on the peer or in some of the shops on Main St. For the most part it is a great Beach to relax and take in the sun. The beach is very surreal. Not many people know about this area, as it is slightly off the beaten path. That does not mean it is rural by any means. It is right in between two larger beaches, Huntington and Long Beach. The south side of the pier does not have as good waves as the north side. Also, if you have a family, you may want to stick to the north side because the riptide is not as...Read More

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Seal Beach
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