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If you can't see Lake Tahoe, is it still there?

A January 2005 trip to Lake Tahoe by bttrflyb

Quote: Lake Tahoe and the mountains were covered in fog for many days. When I went skiing at Heavenly, which was across the street from our resort, Stardust-Tahoe, the sun was shining after getting partway of the mountain. What a wonderful skiing day it was.

Stardust-Tahoe (#0515)

Hotel | "Startdust-Tahoe"

Best Things Nearby:Heavenly Ski Resort, casinos, and Lake Tahoe are nearby.Best Things About the Resort:There is a very friendly and helpful staff.Resort Experience:We were welcomed on Friday night with good food and drinks. They had drawings for nice gifts, among them a ski-lift ticket, which we won. They had sign-ups to go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, which we took advantage of. They paid for the rentals, and the young folks who took us out were lots of fun. The hot tub felt good after skiing for 4.5 hours. Luckily, I met a wonderful couple who stayed with me all day. I hadn't skied in many years. One of our highpoints was goi...Read More

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Stardust-Tahoe (#0515)
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