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A November 2004 trip to Pristina by Agimi

Quote: This was my first time in Kosovo, and I was surprised. I didn't expect such order (even though it was far from perfect). You can find anything you want. People are friendly with foreigners.

Restaurant Xix


This is a fine restaurant in very center of town. They have the best pizzas (baked in brick ovens), as well as a lovely and English- and German-speaking staff. Also, there is a very nice terrace. The restaurant itself is located in a wooden barrack, that gives you an impression that you are somewhere out of town. Time after time, you can go there for live music. Visit the restaurant's website:

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 24, 2005

Restaurant Xix
L.Haradinaj 2
Pristina, Kosovo 10000
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