Magura Journals

Magura: A Calm and Quiet Town

A January 2005 trip to Magura by gazi shahid

Quote: Magura represents the real characteristics of Bangladesh. Farmers of Bangladesh, who are 75% of the country, lead a simple life. But their hospitality is world-famous. The people of Magura also live a simple life, and they are kind to everyone, even the strangers.

Magura: A Calm and Quiet Town


Magura is a small district of Bangladesh. The district town is small, clean, calm, and quiet. It is about a pollution-free town. The district consists of four upazilas, i.e. Magura Sadar, Mohammadpur, Shalikha, and Sreepur. Its area is 1,048 square kilometers. The district town stands on the river Naboganga. Other rivers of the district are Modhumoti, Chitra, Kumar, Ichamoti, and Gorai. Poet of Muslim renaissance Forrukh Ahmed was born at Majhail in the district. Other great personalities of this district are Raja Seetaram Roy, Poet Golam Mustafa, Kazi Kader Newaz, Syed Ali Ahsan, essayist Lutfor Rahman, etc. Spots of tourist attraction of the districts are the wrecked pal...Read More