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March 2004 @ Snowshoe, WV

A March 2004 trip to Snowshoe by DivineLV

Snowshoe Mountain Photo, Snowshoe, West Virginia More Photos
Quote: Snowshoe, WV, has always had a reputation for being one of the better resorts to visit if you are in the Midwest area. My boyfriend and I decided to take a last-minute trip out there to see what all the hype was about.

Snowshoe Mountain

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Snowshoe Mountain Photo, Snowshoe, West Virginia
It was only my fourth time skiing, and I was terrified to be on such a big mountain. By the end of my visit, though, I had gone on all the green runs, all the blue runs, and one black diamond called the Choker. Ballhooter run has the best view, with the lake at the bottom. Moonshine was the first blue hill I finally built up the courage to go on. There is another area called Silver Creek that has night skiing and can be accessed by a shuttle. Overall, I had a really fun time and felt that I had improved my skills just in that weekend.

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Snowshoe Mountain

Snowshoe, West Virginia

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