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A Singaporean in Andalucia

A January 2004 trip to Andalucia by amidala_sg

Benahavis Photo, Andalucia, Spain More Photos
Quote: Please view my photos at: Benahavis was charming and served exquisite cuisine. Seville had historic buildings, parks, art and churches. Ronda, a town split by a dramatically deep gorge, is spectacular. But the Alhambra, quietly alluring and bathed in an air of other worldliness, awed and bedazzled me.

A Singaporean in Andalucia

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Benahavis Photo, Andalucia, Spain
Don't miss the Alhambra. Walking in the Nasrid Palace and in the Generalife gardens is like walking right back into the past. The gardens are beautiful, and you will feel sheltered from the rest of the world, surrounded by nothing but delicately crafted buildings and fountains and enveloped by the sounds of flowing water and birds chirping. The Alhambra was the last bastion of the Moors, and it fell to the Christian conquerors in the same year that Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World. Have a look at my photos at Ronda is a craggy town up in the mountains, which it is said was defended fiercely by the Moors. A gorge, El Tajo, splits the town into two, and ...Read More