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Snowboard Trip for the Boys

A January 2005 trip to Chautauqua by mollyandrea

Quote: This was a very relaxing place to be. It was close to Holiday Valley and Peek and Peak. There was lots of antique shopping. It's a great place if you own a snowmobile. We had a wonderful experience.
Best Things Nearby:There were malls, antiques shops, and ski resorts.Best Things About the Resort:It is close to two wonderful ski resorts, Peek and Peak and Holiday Valley.Resort Experience:The condo was clean and set up really nice, and it had a good view of the lake and the pool. If you go in the winter, be careful. It is hard to leave up the hill if it is snowing. They need to plow or salt the road or both. This is only 1.5 hours from Niagara Falls, too. It's a great place. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Good Amenities: Excellent...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on January 17, 2005

Northshore at Chautauqua
Elm Lane
Chautauqua, New York
(716) 789-9298

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