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A celebration of the sacred hill

A November 2003 trip to Tiruvannamalai by Rucksack pilot

Quote: A trip to witness a great puja (ceremony) dedicated to the hill of Arunachala in Tamil Nadu.

Siva's hill

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I spent a month studying massage techniques at Quiet Healing Centre in Auroville. Although life in Auroville is interesting, the lust to roam soon struck again, and so with my friend's beast of a bike, we zoomed through the Tamil countryside toward the temple town of Tiruvavunnumalai. We travelled in peanut season, and they lay everywhere, occasionally carpeting the road. Tiruvunnumalai is built around the imposing, rocky hill of Arunachala, which rises commandingly over the town and is worshipped as nothing less than an incarnation of the god Siva himself in lingam form. The hill was also home to the guru Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharashi, whose ashram now nestles at its foot. At the age of 16, the ...Read More

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Rucksack pilot
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Siva's hill