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Chicago on Limited Time

A November 2000 trip to Chicago by James Vaughn

Quote: If business or pleasure travel take you to Chicago for a brief visit, here are a few suggestions regarding how to spend (or not spend) the little time you have available in the Windy City.

Chicago on Limited Time

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I had the pleasure of visiting Chicago on a 4-day business trip in November. The Allerton Crowne Plaza is an excellent place to stay for business or pleasure travel. It is conveniently located close to some of the best dining and shopping, and the staff is extremely helpful and pleasant. Don't miss Eli's for excellent prime rib, and Pizzeria Du for veggie pizza. One sight you may want to avoid if you have limited time is the Museum of Contemporary Art. Although it may be due to my lack of apprecation for modern art, I had a hard time distinguishing the exhibits from the seating and trash receptacles. I also didn't understand the wheelbarrow filled with popcorn, but perhaps I just need to develop ...Read More