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A February 2004 trip to Prague by Ravit

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Quote: My business travel to Prague has spoiled me for every other city I have visited since. Nothing can compare to the breathtaking beauty of Prague and the extraordinary design, gracious service, and luxury of the Aria Hotel.

Aria Hotel


Aria Hotel Photo, Prague, Czech Republic
Beautiful, luxurious, contemporary design, as one would expect at one of the more innovative luxury hotels in New York, Paris, or London, but completely unavailable in Prague until the Aria came along.

Prague is obsessed by a love of music, and everything about the design of the Aria is a reflection of that passion. I love the private screening room, where they serve me dinner as I enjoy a beautiful ballet after a hard day's work. Wi-Fi is readily available and free. So is the gourmet breakfast, and they always pick me up at the airport, gratis.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 7, 2005

Aria Hotel
Prague, Czech Republic