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Stopping by Rocky Gap Lodge in Cumberland, MD

A December 2004 trip to Cumberland by hersplash

Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort Photo, Flintstone, Maryland More Photos
Quote: You can find relaxation at this cozy lodge. Nestled among mountains and abutting a lake, you get beautiful views and peace when you stay at Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort.

Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort

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Hotel | "Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort"

Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort Photo, Flintstone, Maryland
Hidden off of Highway 40 between Cumberland and Flintstone, you come upon this beautiful building surrounded by a golf course and next to a park. When you enter the lodge, you first notice the warm wood beams and the enormous windows with the lake scenery. A fireplace is going, surrounded by lots of cozy chairs. The room was equally as cozy. The custom-made Shaker furniture goes perfectly with the environment. Even the plaid bedspread fit in with the whole "lodge" feel. There were the standard amenities of a hotel like a Marriott, with a coffeemaker and minibar. There wasn’t anything fancy with the room, and it wasn’t large but wasn’t small. The hotel has two restaurants, but bei...Read More

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Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort
16701 Lakeview Rd NE
Flintstone, Maryland 21530

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