Chicago Journals

Weekend in Chicago

A September 2004 trip to Chicago by Thorax

Quote: After a busy week travelling through three different states, I ended up in Chicago for the weekend, waiting for my plane to take me home. As always in a big city, time is limited.

Chicago has it all


Big City, mafia, skyscrapers, blues, basketball--lots of things run through my head when I think of the “Windy City,” but everything is not as it seems to be, not even in Chicago. Take the nickname, for instance. Even if I can imagine the wind coming in from Lake Michigan can be both strong and cold sometimes, this is not the reason Chicago is called “The Windy City”. It is rather because of the unstable political climate this city has experienced for some time now. During the 1800s, Chicago served, among other things, as a last chance for settlers to equip themselves before heading further west towards the dangerous and unknown. Today Chicago is a blooming international financial centre. Tourism, cu...Read More