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Winter Week in the Outer Banks

A December 2004 trip to Outer Banks by diminor1929

Barrier Islands Ocean Pines Beach Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina More Photos
Quote: Everyone I know pooh-poohed the idea of spending a winter week in the Outer Banks. We proved them wrong by having a glorious time in the cold but beautiful natural environment of this largely undeveloped area.

Winter Week in the Outer Banks

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Bodie Island Lighthouse Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina
We knew the Outer Banks was a popular three-season spot noted for its beauty, nature, and uncrowded beaches. Adventuresome as we are, we decided to give it a whirl during the last week of the year to see if it harbored any unknown delights during the colder months. We found treasures aplenty and are looking forward to visiting here during the warmer season for even more bliss. If you like to "trade up" your timeshare property for a unit larger than your own, the Outer Banks RCI locations offer just that kind of value (during the off-season). Walking on the beach here any time of year is a thrill, and visiting lighthouses, the Lost Colony of Roanoke, and the Wright Brothers Museum, as well as travelin...Read More

Barrier Island's Ocean Pines Beach

Hotel | "Barrier Island Station-Ocean Pines Beach"

Barrier Island's Ocean Pines Beach Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina
Best Things Nearby:The beach, the beach, and the beach. One side faced the rugged Atlantic, and literally across the street were the calming shores of the Currituck Sound.Best Things About the Resort:Its close proximity to the beautiful beach area and the large living area that the two-bedroom unit provided for just the two of us.Resort Experience:While Barrier Island Station-Ocean Pines does seem a little the worse for the wear, we could not complain about our exchange. We traded our lovely, but small studio apartment on the boardwalk in Atlantic City (Royal Palace) for this roomy two-bedroom, three-story condo with an ocean view, a stone's throw from the be...Read More

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Barrier Island's Ocean Pines Beach
1445 Duck Road
Duck, North Carolina 27949
(252) 261-4610

Wright Brothers National Memorial Photo, Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina
I confess to not being terribly fascinated with the prospect of visiting a memorial to aviation. It's just not my thing. But as a visitor to the Outer Banks, you owe it to yourself to go. It instills a burst of patriotism and pride and even manages to explain to a layman (such as myself) the basic principals of aviation. It also reinforces just how darn brave and determined these fellas were to get this contraption off the ground!

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Wright Brothers National Memorial
Mile Post 7.5 On U.s. Hwy 158
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 27948
(252) 441-7430

Roanoke Adventure Museum Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina
While we understand that, in the summer, nightime, live theater presentations of The Lost Colony are peformed in the outdoor theater, we had to settle for the indoor winter version, which was still interesting and informative. Be sure to stop in the gift shop, where there is a wealth of books on the history of the area during different periods of American history(from Elizabethan times, through slavery and the Civil War, to present day). The books are written at various levels of interest, reading ability, and length. I bought five or six, along with some beautiful calendars of the area-quite appropriate, since we were there for New Year's Day.

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Roanoke Adventure Museum
Across from Manteo Waterfront
Outer Banks, North Carolina
(252) 475-1506

Beautiful holiday decorations Photo, Outer Banks, North Carolina
The best-kept secret of the Outer Banks has to be the adorable Scarborough Faire Shopping Village--a series of 18 upscale, unique shops that provide one-stop shopping for those hard-to-find items to take home and unique, one-of-a-kind gifts that everyone will love.  I started my Christmas shopping for next year with the great prices they had on after-holiday sales.  Each shop is different and has a different theme.  Start in the morning, browse, and then have lunch at the chi-chi little tea room or one of nearby restaurants. A meandering boardwalk connects all of the shops (it can be a bit confusing finding your way around), but the holiday decorations and lights were lovely and provided a delightful ...Read More