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Quote: Here are just a couple of things about my hometown. Florence isn't a very big town, but it's one of South Carolina's bigger ones. There isn't much to do here either, but it does have some neat history.
Anyone informed about the Civil War has to have heard of Andersonville, GA, and how it was the most horrible prison of the Civil War. Well, this could be wrong. To help with the overflow of prisoners at Andersonville, a stockade was placed in Florence in 1864. Florence was a good location because the railroad ran through it. The stockade wasn't in use long because soon after, the war was over, but the prisoners there from Andersonville said that Florence was much worse. The stockade no longer stands, and the woods have grown up all around it, but mounds where they have dub are still there. There is a organization in Florence that is trying to raise funds to rebuild, but that's years down the road. All...Read More

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The Florence Civil War Stockade
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