Banff Journals

Trips to Banff/Sunshine Village

A January 2003 trip to Banff by LeacherMan

Quote: A brief account of our first visit to Banff

Trips to Banff/Sunshine Village


Visit the hot springs
Nighttime skiing and a meal at Lake Louise
The Station Restaurant in Lake Louise (old 1920s railroad car)
Stargazing at Banff Springs

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

There is a bus up and along the main drag. Most places can be reached by walking.

Sunshine Village


Although we'd been to Lake Louise a few times, we decided that we wanted more to do at night in the way of restaurants. One advantage of flying from UK is that you are wide awake early in the morning. To be on the first lift up the mountain while it is dark is a great feeling. It is good to be on top of the mountain while watching the sunrise. The slopes are wide-open above the tree lines, with a good view of where you need to go. The snow is all natural, so there is no noise from snow machines ruining the natural beauty of the place. The food is good, with a wide range of food. Compared to UK prices, it is also very cheap. No ID is required for the bars, and children can...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 30, 2004

Sunshine Village
Located just 15 km west of Banff
Banff, Alberta