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A March 2003 trip to Seoul by wanderer 2005

Grand Hyatt Seoul Photo, Seoul, South Korea More Photos
Quote: Seoul has such a rich history, it's hard not to love it here. There are palaces in the middle of the city, TVs on the sides of buildings--it's all so Blade Runner.
Grand Hyatt Seoul Photo, Seoul, South Korea
A great view and a great spa are my two favorite things about this place. There are six restaurants here: everything from a buffet to Japanese, Chinese, and French.

Have a salt scrub in the spa for about $25. It is wonderful and will make your skin feel like silk for a week.

In the wintertime the outdoor pool is frozen, so you can ice skate on it! Skate rentals are in the hotel lobby.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 29, 2004

Grand Hyatt Seoul
747 7 Hannam Dong Yongsan Ku
Seoul, South Korea

Korea House


Korea House Photo, Seoul, South Korea

This was not great Korean food and was too touristy for my taste. The buffet was huge but not very tasty. I wasn't paying, so I don't know the prices. The dancing afterward was the best part, but there was no picture-taking.

There's a small gift shop attached, but my advice is to save your money for the street vendors, which are much less expensive.

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on December 29, 2004

Korea House
80-2 Pil-dong 2-ga Jung-gu
Seoul, South Korea 100-272
+82 (0)2 2266 9101

Changdeokgung Palace

Attraction | "Changgyeong Palace"

Changdeokgung Palace Photo, Seoul, South Korea
Changgyeong Palace was built in 1104 as a summer palace. Once Seoul became the capital, the king lived here until the new palace was built. According to our tour guide, some members of the royal family lived here until 1989. It was VERY interesting, due to the fact that there are no modern conveniences like central heating or air. The houses were heated by coals underneath the house, as the heat crept up through the floor vents. I thought that in itself was amazing. The garden was beautiful, even in February. It's a long walking tour, and there are bathrooms on the route. Take a bottle of water--there's a small gift shop en route, but of course, the drinks are expensive. This is a ve...Read More

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Changdeokgung Palace
1 Waryung-dong Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea 110-360
+82 (2) 762 8262

World Cup Soccer Stadium Photo, Seoul, South Korea
Soccer is HUGE in Korea, and the 2002 World Cup Championship was held in this brand new stadium. It has 63,961 seats and is accessible by train. The mascots are these anime characters. This is an impressive space for sure!

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World Cup Soccer Stadium
515 Seongsan-dong, Mapo-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Seoul at night


Seoul at night Photo, Seoul, South Korea
In addition to numerous nightclubs and shows, Seoul city is a show on its own. With huge plasma screens attached to high-rise buildings and neon everywhere, it's lit up almost as much as Las Vegas.