St. Johns Journals

"The Far East of the Western World" Newfoundland

An August 1999 trip to St. Johns by VagabondPoet

Quote: Newfoundland, Canada's most eastern province, and North America's most eastern point is the best hidden secret I have yet to experience. A lone island in the Atlantic coast, Newfoundland is best known for her close link to her Irish/English heritage and abundance of fisheries.

"The Far East of the Western World" Newfoundland

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From midnight madness on St. Johns's George street, to cleansing the city stench at the Cape St Mary's Bird Sanctuary, Newfoundland has managed to combine perfectly rustic beauty with heartfelt hospitality. In the journals that follow, I will reveal the bewilderment of what St. Johns and surrounding areas have to offer. Quick Tips: While in Newfoundland, I was lucky enough to have a local guide. She knew the ideal pubs to crawl, stores to shop, restaurants to visit and places to camp. If you do not know any locals, upon arrival in the city, stop by the tourist board, the enthusiastic tour desk employees will load you down with maps and brochures. If you prefer to hear the advice o...Read More