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Budget Travel in Singapore

An August 2004 trip to Singapore by bombayhog

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Quote: Singapore is quite a bit more expensive than other countries in the region, but budget travel is possible here. The rewards of going include great food, fascinating neighborhoods, and a really unique blend of people around you.

Budget Travel in Singapore

Best Of IgoUgo


Singapore MRT Station Photo, Singapore, Asia
Singapore can be seen pretty completely in 4 or 5 days. Food Courts: Great food is all around you in Singapore: Chinese, Indian, Malay, etc. It was definitely the highlight of my trip. The best part about it is that it can all be had for very cheap. I ate at one of the many food courts around town for every meal, usually paying no more than or for a delicious meal. All the food stalls are clean and safe, and you're almost always guaranteed that it will be top-quality food. Little India: This is a great neighborhood for everything Indian. In parts of central Singapore it feels like you’re in China, and then when you walk into Little India, whe...Read More

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore

Hotel | "The InnCrowd"

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore Photo, Singapore, Asia
This is a great little hostel right in Little India and very close to the center of town, major sights, and bus and metro stations. For the price (S$18, about US$11), I don't think you can beat this in Singapore. There are dorm beds and slightly more expensive double rooms (S$24 per person if two are sharing the room). The dorm area is very comfortable, clean, and nicely designed, with lots of natural light and nice colors on the walls. The beds are decently comfortable, and the shared bathrooms are well-maintained. Downstairs is a nice common area with a TV, a bar, lockers (free of charge), a kitchen, computers, and laundry facilities. A basic breakfast and 30 minutes of internet access a day is i...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 23, 2004

InnCrowd Hostel Singapore
73 Dunlop Street
Singapore, Singapore 209401
(65) 62969169

I frequented this food court because it was right by my hostel (see the InnCrowd entry) and found it to be a very pleasant place to eat. It's indoors, air-conditioned, and has lots of seating. There are probably about 20 different food stalls, mostly Chinese, Japanese, and Malaysian food. It's all great. There's a vegetarian stall that makes things out of tofu, a durian cake stall (I dislike the fruit, but some might find it interesting), etc. Everything is cheap as well, usually no more than S$5 or s$6 (about US$3 or US$4). Finding it is pretty easy. It's on the ground floor of the mall as far as I can recall. If not, it's right along the street somewhere very nea...Read More

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Cafe Le Caire


This is a very small café in the Middle Eastern area, on Arab Street. While checking out the textile shops, I came across it and stopped because it had sheesha available (flavored tobacco in water pipes). I didn't try the food and the iced coffee I ordered wasn't the best I'd had while in Singapore, but it's one of the only places for sheesha that I found in the entire city. I also didn't see any other tourists there, which was nice for a change. There are a couple of tables out on the street, which seemed a lot nicer than the seating inside. Overall, it is a good place to take a break if in the area.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on December 24, 2004

Cafe Le Caire
39 Arab Street
Singapore, Singapore 199738

Night Safari


The Night Safari opens shortly after the zoo closes, when it gets dark out, to give people a chance to see the nocturnal animals that wouldn't be out during the regular zoo hours. It's a little theme park-ish, which doesn't appeal to me, but it's actually pretty nice, with torches and a bunch of footpaths that you can take. If only they could have cleared out all the people using flashes on their cameras and making noise, it would have been a great experience. The jungle and animals at night are both enchanting and eerie. If you can try to tune out the humans around you, it's very nice to stroll through the various areas. Animals seem to have a good amount of space, and it all feels very open--one of ...Read More

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Night Safari
80 Mandai Lake Rd.
Singapore 729826
+65 6269 3411

Pulau Ubin


Bumboat to Pulau Ubin Photo, Pulau Ubin, Singapore
This is a worthwhile day trip. To get there from central Singapore, you need to either take a bus or taxi out to Changi jetty on the northeast side of the main island, near the airport. There you catch a bumboat (ferry) for a 15-minute ride out to the island. Pulau Ubin is largely undeveloped and supposedly a lot like what the rest of Singapore used to be like before all the development. When you get off the ferry, there's an information desk where you can get a map of the island, as well as a bunch of bike rental places and simple restaurants and snack shops. I chose to walk around for a couple of hours, and found it to be relaxing and beautiful. I did get a bit lost, but finding my way bac...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on December 23, 2004