Guadeloupe Journals

Weekend at Guadeloupe

A March 2004 trip to Guadeloupe by mcasalino

Quote: Guadeloupe is quite nice. You just have to speak French because most people don't speak English, not even at the hotel. The hotel Royal Caraibes is not recommended, it lacks most services. Get some of the other better hotels.
Best Things Nearby:The beach and Playa del Carmen were the best things nearby.Best Things About the Resort:It was all-inclusive and had a great location and services.Resort Experience:This was paradise on earth - the beaches are great, the hotels are new, and the service is excellent. They serve both local and international foods. You have most of the usual amenities, and the local ruins are great. There is good weather almost year-round (just skip the hurricanes). Unit Type: Other Activities: Excellent Amenities: Excellent ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 22, 2004