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Halloween on Bourbon St.

An October 2004 trip to New Orleans by Gwrecker

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Quote: I have visited The French Quarter a few times before, but this was going to be the first time when something cool was going down.

Halloween on Bourbon St.


My main goal was to experience New Orleans at Halloween. When I say New Orleans, I mean Bourbon Street and its adjoining streets. It is the closest I'll get to Mardi Gras. Bourbon Street is always hopping on the weekends, so I figured it would be pretty crazy on Halloween. I was right. Quick Tips: Walking is the only way to get around the French Quarter. Some people try to drive through there, but they can only go 5 mph or less due to all the pedestrians. It is best to park outside the Quarter and walk into it.Best Way To Get Around: I always drive to New Orleans and pay for parking near the Harrah's Hotel and Casino. I see public transportation along Canal Street, but never ...Read More
Holiday Inn French Quarter Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
The hotel is situated right off of Canal Street, which is one of the main roads from the highway that leads you to the French Quarter. The hotel has a TGI Friday's attached to it, with a "discounted" breakfast as part of the deal. They say discounted, but I say overpriced. It was something like $10 for an overrated continental breakfast. The room was clean and large enough for the five people in my party. I was surprised to see a swimming pool in the hotel. It was even more surprising to find it on the 10th floor. The problem I had with it was it that it closed at 10pm. I was planning on jumping in after the "walk" down Bourbon Street. I guess it was for the best because I was a bit tipsy, a...Read More

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Holiday Inn French Quarter
124 Royal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
(504) 529-7211

Razzoo Club & Patio

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Razzoo Club & Patio Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
We arrived in New Orleans around noon on the 30th of October. After checking into our hotel and getting a quick bite to eat, we decided to walk down Bourbon Street. It isn't the same experience during the day, but it is still a site to see. We walked past a few open windows to see a man in a leather chaps/vest combo and a beautiful woman in a school-girl outfit onstage. By the looks of it, they started the Halloween festivities early. They were the entertainment for the evening, dejaying a makeshift karaoke event. My group was also drawn in by the 3 or 4 for 1 drink special. It isn't uncommon to see this special on Bourbon Street, so you just have to decide on which bar you want to spend tim...Read More

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Razzoo Club & Patio
511 Bourbon St
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
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Cigar Factory Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
If you like handmade cigars, go to a place called Cigar Factory. They make some great cigars right in the store. You can go and watch the people hand rolling the cigars. You will not be able to buy the exact ones they are making right there because the process involves pressing and aging the cigars. They do have plenty in their walk-in humidor. They have three main "flavors" in assorted sizes. My favorite is the Plantation Reserve.

Cigar Factory
415 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70130

Check out their website for more information at Cigar Factory New Orleans