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A January 1999 trip to Washington, D.C. by rossiste

Quote: I used to live here and managed to make it back this fall. This is a great city, with more to offer than politics. Some of the best opportunities for museums and culture await, and the great outdoors is not far away, with the Shenandoah just a drive away.


Restaurant | "The Brickskeller"

http://www.thebrickskeller.com/ They claim to have the largest beer list in the world. If you are fan of beer, this a great place to go to sample beer. Of course, with the more unusual of the exotic beers, the price goes up. There is a separate beer menu that is pages and pages long, organized by origin of the beer. The food is basic pub fare. They have a cheese a platter that’s great to start off with or nibble on with your beer. The burgers are also good. This is sort of a D.C. institution. It’s been around a long time and probably hasn’t changed much over the years. When you walk up the steps to go inside to the bar, you turn immediately to your right to go down the...Read More

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1523 22nd St Nw
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 293-1885