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Monkey Temple

A November 2000 trip to Thailand by world designer

Monkey Greeting Photo, Thailand, Asia More Photos
Quote: This is a Buddhist Temple, that was created in a cave. This is surrounded on the outside by Monkeys, and completely covered inside by bats.

Monkey Temple

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Reclining Buddah Photo, Thailand, Asia
Seeing all the monkeys outside the cave, seem to be very tame...or tame enough, can get very close to them. Once inside the rock formations are incredible, and the main focus is the reclining Buddah, all in gold leaf. There is a Buddhist Monk that is there to watch over Buddah, and will bless you with water if you so desire. There is also a short walk up to see more of the cave and the rock formations, but be careful not to look up, the ceiling is covered with bats.Quick Tips: When approaching or praying to any Buddah figure do not point your toes to the image, and always remove your shoes. In this temple it was not necessary to remove your shoes because of the bat droppings, but it is still ...Read More